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Urgent help: Lost files

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Hey, could someone reply to this as fast as possible, because i need to solve this.

Downloaded files, but i cancelled it in the period after the download, but before it starts uploading, i cant remember the proper term, but i do know the Icon is a yellow circle.

Anyway, the files have vanished, a search comes up with nothing, they arnt in the Temp folder... im stuck, an i cant re-download em, they took months...

I need to get these back, i know they havent vanished from the HDD, because something like this happened before but i got it back.

Anyway, if anyone has a solution, i would much apreciate it, and i need it as soon as possible please.

Thanks, Sandman

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Hi sandman,

Please describe exactly what you did, and how you deleted the files.

Also, how many hard drives are on your computer, and how many partitions (drive letters) for each.

Keep in mind, deleted files can often be recovered, but the more you use your computer, the more then can be corrupted by overwriting.

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I think what you are referring to is the final "rehash" of the files. This is done to assure they have downloaded properly.

I'm sure you already now know that its a very bad idea to remove a task right away like that, but its also extremely rude to stop a torrent as soon as download completes. You should be running (seeding) until you ratio reaches at least 1.0.

As far as recovering the files goes, is your default download directory on the same drive you windows uses?

If so, it gets complicated, since recovering lost files isn't a relyable when you run a recovery scan on a drive containing your operating system.

However, if you save your downloads onto your second drive, your problem is easier to solve. In this case, you can get a program like Ontrack's Easy Recovery, which will scan your drive for lost files, which you can then salvage.

After you salvage the files, you will NEED to put them back in the default download folder and run the torrent again, which will scan (rehash) the files and any pieces that were lost/damaged will be downloaded again.

If however you saved your files on the drive your windows is on, then the best thing to do is remove the hard drive, and install it in another computer to do the recovery.

Another option is to get a bootable cdrom/recovery program. These often don't work as relyable as running a scan from windows.


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Mmmm... theyre on my Windows drive...

I've never used OnTrack before, but i no folks who use it all the time, so im okay there...

Thing is, where would i look? i dont want to do a full recovery, but i cant see any other way, is there a spesific place i should be looking?

I know i should upload, and usualy i do, but for some reason i didnt... i dunno, i got a lotta files goin, i jus wanted to un-clutter i guess.

Ill try OnTrack... if it works ill update an if not, h***... ill update anyway :P

thanks for the help

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