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Thread for Current Version Status


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Hey guys, can we make a sticky to discuss how the current version is working out for everyone. In the old forums we use to always have someone make a thread announcing the release of the newest version, and then everyone would discuss how it was working out for them.

After ver .64 a lot of us were having issues with stability and the thread would be a useful place to check out what we could expect. Since the move to the new forums I haven't found a convienient place to look up how things were progressing under a single thread.

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Hmm, well I liked the way it worked on the old forums but I'm not sure how you would make it happen.

From my memory, somehow the thread on the latest release would just always be near the top (it was never stickied) and we'd just discuss stuff there. When a new release came out we'd drop discussion on the thread about the previous release effectively culling any old discussions and keeping the thread from getting too long.

I guess creating a sticky each time a new version came out and dropping the preceding one would work, might be a hassle though.

If that's too much work a sticky for purely the latest release would still be good.

Hm, sure! It sounds like a good idea ^_^.

So perhaps one for 0.68 version? Or just one thread purely for all latest releases of our client?

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