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viv. file!!!!


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hello everyone

i'm new here and i've downloaded The Godfather the game torrent .. size is 1.97 Gb

when i used poweriso to extract it i found many files with the extention viv

the problem is that a proper extention for a game? and if it is, how can i run such files?!!

anyone answer me plz cz i'm so frustrated after spending so long downloading the game!!


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.viv was a discontinued video file, not used since the 1990s

however it is used by EAgames, and possibly others as well.

I'm really not sure if you have a PC game, or ps2, xbox, or what.

I am confused about why you would extract the files though???

They aren't going to do any good once they are extracted, unless your a hacker trying to customize the game, but in that case, I don't think you would be asking us how to use them.

Why don't you just burn the disc image to disc, or mount it in a virtual drive?


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I see you posted a simular question in our bit comet client support section.

Not only is this not related to bit comet, we do NOT allow duplicate posts in the forum.

Your duplicate post was deleted, and if you make more duplicate posts, you will receive an official warning, as well as possible account and posting restrictions.

I have enough work to do here already, without the need to delete duplicate posts

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