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Bit commet settings for dial-up connection


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I am a total noob with BitComet, and I need help. I can work my way around computers fairly well, I just don't know alot of the advanced things that I really would like to learn.

So, I was wondering if there is anything I can adjust in the prefrances that will make my downloads faster? The thing is, is that I am on a dial up connection. Is it hopeless to even try to get anything to download using a dial up connection?

I was also curious to know if there is a torrent program that might be better to use for dial up?

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I personally wouldn't attempt using bit torrent with dial up.

If you were sucessful, the best you could hope for would be to download extremely slow. Any data requests your client responds to will surely time out, and the peer waiting for the data will move on to another peer for that piece, so half of your bandwidth will be wasted sending data that no one will recieve.

In my opinion, I would stick to direct downloads, and get a good download manager that will continue broken downloads, like IDA (internet download accellorator).

however, lets see what our support team has to say, and perhaps another member has had some sucess in this area.


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I agree, using dialup with bittorrent isnt recommended, though many people do it.

If you're going to, then I would suggest using uTorrent since it makes less overall connections than Bitcomet

you should definitely disable the DHT Network

make sure to cap your uploads at around 3KB/s or 2 if the client allows it

and set it up so it makes as few connections as possible thus reducing network overhead.

The forum for uTorrent has a lot of good info, maybe do a search for "dialup" over there

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