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Mash Up Finished Files - PLEASE HELP


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Hello veryone! :)

I've been using bitcomet for about 8 months now and only just started having a problem.

This is that some recently downloaded files tend to skip or pause for a few seconds interupting the video.

Also i downloaded the new episode of a tv program and as soon as i click on it at all (even right-clicking to get the menu) my computer comes up with a message box saying: Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. It then gives me the option to either Debug or Close.

As you can probably understand this is very frustrating especially the skipping. I have Windows Media Player 11 if that helps!?!

Please could someone help. :rolleyes:

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My first suggestion is to use a different player. I use the free VLC player from Videolan.org, which will play nearly anything and doesn't use system filters, so you don't have to hassle with downloading and configuring those. It does pretty much everything I've ever asked it to do, including streaming.

It won't, however, do Matroska, so if you're heavily into anime you will probably want some other solution. If you don't know what I just said, then you don't need to worry about it.

But most of your problems will likely go away if you use something besides WMP.

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Thanks for your advice, guys.

The files skipping issue, i found out was caused by bitcomet 0.75 not completing the entire download. The file would have a few bytes missing when it said it was completed. A source on the net said to place the file back in the download target folder making sure it still has its original name. Then to search for the torrent and start downloading it again. I tried this and the download then jumped from 0% to somewhere usauly over 97%. Bitcomet then proceeds to download the missing parts. I've now fixed all those skipping files.

Bitcomet 0.76 has just been released and apparently they fiwed this.

The other issue i had was to do with that one file that i couldn't even click on. I installed VLC and though it does work, the explorer error still comes up. I watched in full screen view and ignored it. I'm gonna CCCP.

Does the fact that i have lots of different codec packs and probably components of other crap i used to have installed on my pc matter?

Is it a good idea to start anew by formating my hard drive and re-install windows? I have an external hard drive for all the things that i wanna keep. Wouldn't be too long, would it?

Cheers, misfit83.

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You really should stick with the last stable version of BitComet, until that's changed on the main site. Right now it's still v0.70, so it's probably best to downgrade to that.

Old filters and codecs... well, if you're mostly using VLC then they won't matter to it. If you're not, then they can be a problem. Somewhere between a small inconvenience and a major nightmare. I probably wouldn't go as far as reformatting, unless it really is very easy for you, or you have a lot of other cruft besides.

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