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Cannot see downloading torrents in bitcomet

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If you mean that you cannot see the tasks, you will need to restart the torrents.

If any partially downloaded files are present, and in the correct location, they will continue to download form their current progress (after passing hash check). If they start over from beginning, stop torrent, "right click" and select "manual hash check".


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Sorry man, I am having this same trouble as well. Brand new comp, new install of Win2k. Old BT user [nearly 2 years, anyways..].

When I DLed .70 I saw a mention that I needed an XML-something, and IE6. I immediately upgraded via MS to IE6, figuring this would add whatever XML the BT client needed.

However, though I see activities on the top bar indicating something is DLing [kb/s readings active], I cannot see any tasks in the window. No matter what side bar button I might click on there are no visible torrent stats nor names in teh appropriate windows. Please help!

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If you didn't have the required version of Internet Explorer present during install, I suggest you now remove bit comet, and reinstall it.

If you have any partial downloads, I would back them up to a different location, as well as your torrent folder.


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