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good games?


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The first thing you need to do is enable viewing file extensions in windows...

Open the folder that has the files, then click on "tools", then "folder options"

Now click on the "view" tab, and look for a box that says "hide file extentions for known file types" and untick it.

Now click on apply to all folders.

For some stupid reason microshit feels users don't need to know what kind of files are on their computer, so this will fix that problem.

Suspect (tus support team)

Note: if you use windows 2000 the proceedure is the same, but the names of the functions are slightly different.

Now you will see that you have the .bin files, and .cue files.

.bin/.cue together are a disc image. .cue is the cue sheet (instructions for burning the disc), and .bin is the disc itself.

You can burn these discs with nero, or alcohol 120%.

You can also mount the disc images in a virtual cdrom drive with alcohol, or deamon tools. (a no cdrom crack is sometime needed to do this).

I posted a guide for burning .bin/.cue with nero. Alcohol has an imageburning wizard, so needs no guide.


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what about dvdr's? could i use those? and when i open the burning program should i put the .cues on them and the .bin's automaticlly go on

sorry but that won't work , you will need 3 disk . 1 for each cue and bin file .

the cue file is the layout for the whole disk, if you use a dvd-r you will just be wasting disk space,and read time.

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