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:huh: well this is my first time usein this one not shure on what to make of it yet little slow for what im use to yes i have gone and done the sugestid (yes i cant spell) and it has worked a bit goin to go over some more and see if i can get that little bit more if u have any idea i would like to hear thanx

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Hi, welcome to the forum :)

There is alot of help here, so take some time and read through the forum. Once you understand how bit torrent works, and your bit comet is setup properly, you will love it...

I will advise that you start with a stable version. our latest is .70

If you have a newer version, I would replace it with this version if you have any problems.


Edit: here is a useful link... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bittorrent

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