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DHT connected node


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No smart a$$ comments here...

I will just tell you that one of my support team members made a detailed post explaining exactly what dht is, and I pinned it, so it will always be on the top of the section.

Please take some time to look around and do some reading before you post questions. We spend alot of time writing it, so do your part in reading.


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hello all i have a ? its a but the DHT what dose it mean ? and why dose it keep going up exp. its at 1102 and climing now its at 1120 i would like to no if u can ple tell me ya im shure that thier will be some smart a** coment about this one buyt hey not all of us no every thing :P

kool thanx i did not see the post but i will look a bit harder thanx a gain

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