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Can I save a torrent project ?


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Hello dears

I am a new member in te forum so I want you to accept me

I have a question and I wish I can find the answer here

I began a torrent download using bitcomet , and the download reached about 50 % and I want th change copy of my windows >>

Can I save my download project so I can resume it after installing new windows ?

Thank you all

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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Yes, there is no problem to continue your partially downloaded torrent.

you will need your partial files, and the torrent file saved. After installing bit comet in your new windows, simple copy the partial files into your default download directory. Then restart the torrent. It should scan (rehash) the files (will take a few minutes, or possible longer if its a big torrent) and continue the download. If it doesn't, and starts downloading from 0%, then stop the torrent, "right click" your mouse, and select "manual rehash". This will force it to rehash the files.

As long as you copy the files to the correct location this will work.


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