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I tried .75 after trying .73 and they both stink!!

now .75 shuts down apologizing.

Then asks what were you doing?

What the heck?

.70 is the only one that works!

Why make more and more advancements if you can't get

it to work after .70?



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Did you wonder why the main page of bitcomet.com says 0.70 is the last stable release?... This is called trial and error because BitComet is receiving a major overhaul. The unstable releases actually work for some people.

I've had all of them working for me. But I still like 0.70 because it has all it's features. Part of the reason this is happening is because bitcomet needs people to use them and report back problems to get all the bugs out. That's why 0.75 works a lot better than 0.71.

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