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Bypass Traffic Shaping


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i'm using BitComet 0.70...

my ISP has implement p2p traffic shaping since last month n i still can DL at the rate between 0-10KB/s after enable Protocol Encryption

does bitcomet hv another way to fully bypass it so that i can DL at my max capacity?

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The best choice would be to switch to an ISP that doesn't do this.

However, I'm sure the newest detection software will be defeated at some point. If however a large number of users switch ISP, they will feel the hurt and realize its not a good thing to restrict their users.


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I can't remember what the detecting software is called, but that point is moot, as its not something that you would want anyway.

It is someting that some ISPs are using to throttle encrypted bt traffic.

I'm sure there are very smart people working on defeating it, so it should be only a matter of time. I can't say if it will be days, weeks, months or years, but suspect at least weeks, and not years.

This was just introduced in september, and we have many reports of slowed speed since.


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I have heard that some people have limited sucess with proxys, but until a new encryption is developed, I'm hoping enough users will complain, or switch ISPs so they will stop doing this.

Think about this...

If you ordered a Big Mac, and Large fries, but then were told you can only eat one Fry per hour, you wouldn't buy the dam thing.

If my ISP started throttling my downloads, I would find one that doesn't, and be sure to send in letters, emails, phone calls constantly complaining.

I would also post messages in every online forum I could find, as well as public places, train stations, bus terminals, underwater shipwrecks, etc...

A good example is "Ipods dirty little secret" (find that video on google, if you want a laugh)

One guy forced Apple computers to change their policy regarding battery replacements and warrenty.


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  • 7 months later...

it's offical bt has started traffic shaping broadband speeds for heavy users, speeds will be shaped between 6pm and 12 midnight for both residentual and business customers, i myself have been cut from 6.9mbits down to wait for it

0.254 a joke a, but wait the plot thickens after noticing the speed drop on friday i called technical support and after loads of shite music and repeating myself 1000 times it turns out that:-

i should not of been on the traffic shaping list, the computer made a mistake

the traffic shaping list is compiled and operated by computer (no one at bt can remove you from the list, you have to wait to the next month and if you have behaved things go back to normal or untill that nasty computer decides other ways

the list is running 6 months behind because the computer cant keep up, this means that if traffic shaping is affecting you now, the offence could of happened 6 months ago, and it could be 6 months before your speeds return to normal.

but maybe here lies the answer:

I've read quite a few threads on here regarding slow download speeds in the evening. Some people advise it's due to congestion, others due to bandwidth capping/traffic shaping.

This is an easy way to prove if your slow speeds in the evening are caused by your exchange being congested or if you're being capped (ie your traffic is being shaped).

Go to the following website:


This is the ex blueyonder game files repository. It has a huge amount of bandwidth on offer.

Click through the menus and choose a file to download. You aren't going to open the file so it doesn't matter what you choose. I suggest this one: http://gamefiles.virginmedia.com/blueyonde...os/ig3-demo.exe which is a game demo, size ~60mb. Big enough for you to watch the download speed for a good few minutes.

Keep an eye on the download speed you get. You can delete the file once it's finished downloading, or cancel the download if it's REALLY slow.

Now, go to the following site:


This is the EXACT same website, hosted on the EXACT same server, only you connect to it using FTP rather than HTTP. Download the SAME file you chose earlier. Using my example this would be: ftp://gamefiles.virginmedia.com/blueyonde...os/ig3-demo.exe

Watch your download speed. How does it compare to the HTTP download?

If your exchange is congested your download speed for both files will be roughly the same.

If your connection is being capped/traffic shaped your FTP download will be much, much faster than your HTTP download.

In my case, I can download the HTTP file at around 80k/sec, and the FTP file at around 450k/sec.

Hope that helps

Thanks to matthewbennett

so how do we switch btcomet to use ftp instead of http which may solve the problem for some of us anyway :blink:

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