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0.75 bugs/missing features


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Hi I've been using Bitcomet for a long time and love it - have never had any problems.

Then I inadvertently downloaded 0.75 not realizing it was a beta, looking forward to removing the dreaded XP SP2 limit of 10 half open connections.

Noticed a few issues pretty quickly:

1. Lowering the max downloads property while downloading causes cpu to max out and hang bitcomet (windows is fine). This happens every time and I do this regularly when I come back to the pc and want to use the internet for something else as well.

2. I can't force-start torrents anymore. I usually have a lot of torrents sitting in the queue that I'll download whenever I get around to it, so if I want to download something right now I used to just press the Start button - it's greyed out now.

3. Related to (2) - the start order is no longer sequential. It used to be that when a download finished, the next torrent at the top would start.. now it seems to randomly skip torrents that are waiting above.

4. When you start up bitcomet, everything is in Stop state. It used to remember the state when you last closed it.

Number 2 and 3 are pretty critical to me in the way I use the client - really hope they'll go back to the way they were.

On the positive side, I really appreciate the half open connections limit removal and the File move option.

Thanks for a great torrent client!

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I suggest that if you have problems with this version, that you install our latest stable version.

Also, regarding the max half open connections, I suggest you read the report written by our senior support team member "Dark shroud".

It seems alot of people are mislead as to what this is, and how it works.


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