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Confusion on Download / Upload Speeds


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Hi all fellow BitCometeers,

My nick is ginetti, and i've been using BitComet for approximatley 4 months now.

My question is this, i'm on a 512k/256k plan with Telstra here in Australia.

And if i download something, its always really REALLy slow.

Now i realize some items download depending on their popularity, however when i'm downloading items that state they have 300+ seeders, my 8kb per second should be higher shouldnt it? (i'll admit at times it jumps to 24kbs, but is usualy hovering at 8 or way below)

Also; when i highlight the file in question, in the information section it states

AVERAGE DOWNLOAD RATE: 88 KB/s within 00:15:29


I should be so lucky.

The amout of files i download on average is around 1 to 4 at a time.

Is there anything i can do (besides changing my ISP), change settings, pray to a certain god, for faster download speeds with bitComet, or is this pretty standard.

Thanks for any help in advance,



PS: in settings, i have unlimited download speeds and 3kb upload speed (i figure the higher this is the slower my downlaods will be, however if this is wrong, i'll pump it up to whatever you all suggest)

Additional: I have an ADSL Modem, a dual core computer, 2 gig of ram, and 2 nvidia cards in sli mode, they are 7800's.

I hope this helps.

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First of all, your ISP is providing, by todays standards a very slow service.

I also want to be sure you understand the difference between kb/s and kB/s.

Your isp uses kb/s (1000 bits per second) and bit comet measures kB/s (1000 Bytes per second)

8bits = 1Byte

Therefore your isp is giving you a max download/upload of 64kB/s and 32kB/s

Even with a much faster service, I would recommend a user only run one torrent at a time.

Now, to maximize your bit comets download, I suggest you throughly go through our settings guides.

I will however give you some general pointers...

Your upload, the higher your upload rate, the faster your download will be. However, using all your upload bandwidth to send data will bog down your cleint and result in poor speeds. I would try setting your max upload to about 20ish... by setting at 3, you are surly never going to get good speeds at any time, and by runnig multiple torrents with that setting, no peers are going to be connected to you once they realize that your not sending them much at all.

I believe if you follow what I've outlined, it is possible for you to have torrents running at peek speed of around 50kB/s, and adverage around 25kB/s.

Of course there will be some that are slow (mostly caused by peers that do exactly what you are doing, low upload and multiple torrents).


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Hi Suspect,

Wow. I certainly had NO idea that your upload speed effected your download speeds.

I have since then changed my uploads to 20 and continue to have my downloads at "unlimited".

Thank you very much for the tips, i'll have to investigate further how i can get more speed.



PS: If anyone know's of a good isp in Australia, that can deliver good speeds (or at least an ISP better than than Telstra, that is also reliable) i would be very greatful if you let me know.

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