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Transferring downloaded files


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I currently have my laptop running bit comet which is installed on an external 80GB laptop hard drive. The measly 30GB of space on the laptop itself isn't enough but running it off the external drive has worked very well.

However now even the external drive is filling up! I want to transfer a few torrents to the laptops main drive as there is 15GB of free space on there.

What do I need to do? Do I just transfer the download to the drive and then change the save location of the torrent in bitcomet? I have tried this and the torrent starts but it doesn't show any progress when before I transferred it it showed 47% complete. Am I missing something?

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Saving your files on an external drive is fine, but I don't recommend installing your client on an external drive.

I would install bit comet on your C: drive, then you can set any default download location you like. If you restart the torrent, and there are partially downloaded files in the correct location, it should scan them (rehash) and continue. If not, then stop the torrent, "right click" and select "manual rehash". It will then scan them (might take a while) and continue. If it does not, then you didn't put them in the correct location.


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