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Old Newbie,

:angry: I have read all the F.A.Q.and tried to remedy my problem,

no luck.Local connections only.

I am running 0.70 version,

Macaffee security centre,firewall etc.

My Modem is SmartAX-MT822 with Talktalk.

If anyone can "Please Help"

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are you using a router?

The first thing I would do is check your listening port at canyouseeme.org

If you get any result other then open, then your being blocked by your router, firewall, or something else.


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:D Checked out canyouseeme.org. It didn"t,so to try and resolve the problem i stuck my old

Speedtouch modem back in,everything okay now.

I"m thinking that my new modem must have a Router incorperated into it.if this is possible ?

Now going to read up on port fordwarding,IP Address etc. etc.Thanks for the help.i will let you know how i get on.

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If your modem has more then one plug to connect a computer, then it is a router also.

If it has wireless (wifi), then it is a router.


Make a new topic and fully describe your problem and what hardware you are using, and firewalls.


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