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VIDEO playing HELP


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I downloaded Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 6

The file name is Greys.Anatomy.S03E06.HDTV.XviD-LOL

It downloaded and i try to play it in windows media player and all i heard was the audio. Then i tried in Real Player and it gave me the error message "the video for this file cannot be played. would you like to check to see if there is an update available for the video?" i clicked yes then it said "realplayer needs to download new software to play this clip" i clicked ok then another message said "there is no software update availble from real to support this content" i clicked details and the file that cant b downloaded is "ICM.XVID"

Somebody help please! Am i supposed to be doing something else before i can actually view the video?


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You need to update your codecs.

Here are a couple links...

If your unsure of what you are doing, then I strongly suggest you select the CCCP link

CCCP (best for playing of files)


k lite codecs (best for playing, editing and encoding)


if you select the k lite pack, don't just install all the options, or you will surely have problems (default settings work fine for nearly every user)

Besure to install "media player classic" when installing your codec pack. It will play alot of files that others will not. However, after installing the codecs, you should be able to play your file in windows media player also.

Regarding real player, there is a program called "real alternative" that is much better. If you would like to remove real player and install that, let me know and I will find you a link for it.


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