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[Help] The bitcomet "dropping rubbish data"


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Hey lads,

I was wondering if you could help me with my bloody problem:


I don't know why the f*** it started this weekend, but I will be Super-pleased if you'll help me understand what caused this problem and fix it... because it's happening with all the files that i'm trying to download.

Oh and it started to happen right about after I downloaded the Internet Explorer 7 ...

10x for the attention.

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"Do you have peerguardian 2???"


Ok, so your'e saying that the torrents are fake ? it's the same that somebody told me in another forum.. the problem is that there are too many torrents that giving me the same problem

Hopefully it will only get better. 10q brother.

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If you are getting this from all torrents, or from known good torrents, then I think the problem could be with your connection.

a bad connection could damage nearly all of your pieces, which will then fail hash check, then be discarded.

I would contact your isp, and have them test your connection. This is an easy thing for them to do, and if they detect alot of packet loss, they may need to repair some connections in your service.


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  • 8 years later...

i too have recently had ALL my downloads start dropping every packet due to hash check failure . Im using the same connection I always did !

If you're asking for help you really should make your own topic. There are many possible causes and I don't have time to list every one for you, it's your job to narrow the list by providing more info, but this problem is common with software apps that include some type of hack tool, serial or key generator, or some other type of file that can get disabled by anti-virus making the entire piece fail hash check and repeat.

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