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downloading but not ? :S:S

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I am currently downloading Canis Canem Edit or in America Bully for ps2. I have it at 97.2 %, there are plenty of seeders as it is a relatively new game. The torrent tells me that it is downloading at around 7 kb/s pretty slow but meh. The thing that has me stumped is that it doesn't actually download. It says the transfer ratre and it tells me how much is downloading but the remaining data doesn't change and neither does the percentage of data d/l so i got no freaking idea wat the h*** is happening. ANY ideas or info would be much appreciated my email and msn is jessespurrell@hotmail.com. thanks

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I suggest you look at your peers, if every one is stuck at this same point (except the seeders), then its possible it is a "bad torrent"


These are designed to fail, and will never complete.


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