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BitComet 0.5x to 0.70 Hashcheck bug


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Hello, I have been using BitComet since the 0.5x version, as of the current version that I'm using 0.70, theres still the problem of not being able to hashcheck correctly batch files. Most of the time it happens when I download few of the files in the batch torrent at a time and cut away into another drive when I finish, and by the time I finish downloading all of the files in the torrent I try to do a hashcheck using BitComet with all the files together it gives quite a lot of 9x.xx% complete instead of 100%. Always happen without fail. File sizes are usually about 100+ to 200+ per file, video files.

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This is not a bug.

It is the way you are using the torrents that is the problem.

If you select only part of a torrent, then any pieces it needs to download to complete the file/s you selected often have parts of files you did not select, which are discarded.

Now when you do a hash check, it sees that the discarded data is not there, and will redownload them.

You have to realize that sellecting only part of a torrent is a modification of the bit torrent protocall. It is a very useful function, but was never designed to do what you are attempting.


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