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Memory Leak

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I don't really know all that much about it, but I think there may be an issue with BitComet 0.70 where it's leaking memory. What happens is that whenever I download a significantly large file (4+ GB) that takes hours, if not days, to download, I'll walk away with the download started, and when I return many hours later, my computer will have completely locked up. I often will leave my computer on indefinitely, and the only time it locks up at all is when I leave BitComet running for a long period of time (and this happens consistently). I don't know why that would happen, or how to fix it, but I thought I'd let you know. I'll also give you some details of what I'm running in case that would help. Oh, and by the way, your "Contact Us" form doesn't work--the validation code shows up as a broken image...thus you can't type it.

My system:

* AMD Sempron 2600+ (~2.2GHz)

* 1 GB PC3200 DDR-RAM

* 2 × 120GB Hard Drives

* Windows XP Professional - SP2

* Stuff running in the background:

- Trend Micro PC-Cillin AntiVirus

- Webroot SpySweepr

- Windows Firewall

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