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Help With Borat..Film plz


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i downloaded the film borat, but when i tried to watch the film i found that the film was in some starnge files.

eg. when i click on the CD1 folder i see 31 files saying......cam-borat1.r1,cam-borat1.r2, cam-borat1.r3, cam-borat1.r4 etc all the way up to 31 also in the folder is one file......cam-borat1.sfv. and there is a zipped file called cam-borat1 which after zipping shows two files....cam-borat1.bin and cam-borat1.cue.

this is excatly the same for folder CD2 however the files are cam-borat2 insted of cam-bor

plz if any1 can help me out


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you have a multi part compressed archive.

You have correctly decompressed the first one, and now have a disc Image file (.bin/.cue)

Now you need to burn them to CDr disc and watch on your dvd player. Since this is a "Cam", I wouldn't expect it to look extremely good.

The best program to burn .bin/.cue is Nero, or Alcohol 120%

Some versions of Nero have a problem with .bin/.cue (.bin is the disc, .cue is instructions for your software to burn the .bin)

Nero six has to be at least version, nero seven should be newer then


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