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Client not resuming from previous point in download. starts from 0% again

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i was downloading a large torrent of numerous files and was over 50% of the total download. but then i clicked just 3 of the files that i needed sooner that the total download would complete within. but now when i selected the rest of the files, they all start from 0% again, even though i have downloaded over 50% of some of them. i checked the download location and all the remaining files are over the 200mb size, which should be correct. anybody know how to get it to resume from the right percentage?

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Please don't play with options, selecting and deselecting files. Bit torrent was never intended to do this.

You have deleted those files, they are gone!

If you want certain files to finish faster, then set their priority higher, don't start deleting files then expecting them to come back.

It is possible to recover deleted files, but it would be far more work then simply downloading them again.

Selecting files from within a torrent is an advanced feature that a few bit torrent cleints can do, but its not how bit torrent is designed to run, and has drawbacks, as you sometimes have to download and discard data, and was designed to select and download, NOT to change mid download.

I suggest you just start them again, and count this as a learning expirence.


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I have selected and deselected torrents within bitcomet hundreds of times and resumed without problem. i remember reading that someone else had the same problem i have now and the fix was to direct the client towards where they are on the hard drive as the path gets deleted. not the downloaded data thus far, which i can still see on my hard drive. anyways thanks for your reply mr negative.

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