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i want help with my settings

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am using bitcomet 0.75

# ISP: T.E Data

# Download Speed: 256Kbps(maybe) my friends say that i have adsl 256 speed connection

# Upload Speed: 64

# Hardware: Thompson Speedtouch

# OS: Windows XP-SP2 fully updated

# Software Firewall: none

# AntiSpyware: Spybot S&D, Adaware SE,

whats the perfect settings for me in bitcomet

i have a low speed always ..but when i download from http its all good

just torrents speeds are slow and extremely unstable

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First thing I suggest is to start with a stable version of bit comet...


Second, bit torrent protocall gives those who upload the most data faster download, so since your connection speed is quite slow by todays standards, your only going to get good speeds with extremely well seeded torrents.

Your upload speed is measured in bits per second 64kb/s, which is equal to 8B/s measured in Bytes.

To keep your client from bogging down, you should limit your upload speed to about 5kB/s

However, please review our settings guides, as I'm not going to explain every setting to you when all this is clearly posted here already.

Once setup properly, you may see speeds from 25-30kB/s, but most torrents will run closer to you upload speed 3-10kB/s


ps. I would also disable dht, and use the minium number of connections.

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