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slow download rate and some more questions

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hi ive been using bc for about a year,when i first started i didnt know anything about the upload rate .i now realise that this is important as this is how it all works right.anyway when i first started i had downloads going from 40kb/s to over 110kb/s this was the maximum however many downloads i was doing .now if i do one download it max's at 24kb/s doesnt matter how much upload rate i allow .if i do 2 downloads the kb/s split into 12 for each download how do i get the download rate back to how it was.also what is kb/s peer download when you go in the peer section this has upto 500 kb/s somtimes for some people?.ive got the bc 0.60 i tried to down load the 0.75 version yet this conflicted with the version i already had is there a way of just updating what ive already got .gotta say im not even a novice at this and any help would be welcome ,cheers.

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I suggest you stop using version .60. It has a major defect and is banned by many trackers.

I would not recommend version .75 either, our latest stable version is .70.

After installing, I would throughly go through our settings guides, and always try to choose torrents with the best seed/peer ratios.

Please also understand that there are always going to be slow torrents out there, which are mostly a result of people running multiple torrents, therefore providing very little upload to anyone they are connected to.

If you want a good torrent to test your connection, try one of these...



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Hey Suspect,

Thanks for the great tip. I've been getting 10 - 30 kBs on most downloads and I've been reading and fiddling with settings trying to improve this result. The link that you provided gave me 150 kBs! WOW!

Your tip saved me a ton of time spent uselessly fiddling with things that wouldn't have made any difference.

This set me off in an entirely different direction. (a productive one)

You responded to my only posted question but I have seen and used many of your answers to other posts. You are giving great help and advice.

Thanks again. Very much appreciated.


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