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avi problems


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Hi guys, newbie here. I've recently started using BitComet and successfully downloaded a few movies. The first couple converted fine and burned to dvd. I opened another avi file and my system crashed. I ran anti virus scans, tried every malware/trojan detector out there but all seems well it that department. Even if I opened the folder any the avis were in xp crashed. I ended up deleting the avis, and in the end uninstalled BitComet, just to see if I could sort out the problem. Now, even if I put an avi from my camcorder on my comp, simply hovering over the file causes xp to crash. I want my BitComet back but need to solve this problem. Any help/suggestions would be very gratefully received. Thanks

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This is probably some conflict with the video codecs that are installed on your PC trying to render the thumbnail

especially caused by older divx codecs and sometimes if you install a "super duper mega codec pack"

Here are some sites that may help you fix your problem:

http://interconnectit.com/?p=40 <--this one is if you just want to turn off video thumbnails completely

or you might want to find the codec causing this and remove it

http://www.videohelp.com/tools?tool=DXMan <--this program makes removing codecs easy

There are many other sites that will help. Just do a search on google or another search engine for thumbnails crashing

Disabling Dr. Watson wont fix your problem, it is something that starts only after a fault has already occurred

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