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Local Connections only(Solved)


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:D :D I made a couple of Posts regarding Local Connections only,and after taking good advice from the forum on sites to visit for advice, Port Forwarding etc i have now cracked the problem.

When i bought this Computer from Dell A.O.L. was pre-installed with a Web search toolbar,Spyware and connect to the Internet.Through sheer luck i decided to uninstall A.O.L. after reading something by Bitdave i think about hidden Firewalls.Once A.O.L. was gone so was my problem. Hope this might help other members.



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I generally remove anything regarding AOL that I find when cleaning computers. I then advise users to reinstall any AOL software at their own risk (meaning they will be charged again if I have to remove it again)

If any members us AIM, you might want to consider trying "Gaim", a chat client that works with most chat networks, including AIM, and no need to install the AIM software. I use it with AIM, MSN, YAHOO, and there are many more it works with. Trillion is another program that can be used.


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