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have just dowloaded gta vice city for pc and extracted it with winrar,

halfway through the install wizard was doing the business it bloody

stopped and told me to insert disc 2 that contains audio\ambsil.mp3 or

browse to find it..

i cant find it and the game wont install without it...

if anybody has any advice i would really appreciate it

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This could very well be the fact that the original file itself was not of .rar origin.

Could you give us a screenprint of your torrent download? [i.e. the GTA vice city download folder/file]

Because if the file is an iso file, but is extracted as a .rar file, you may encounter either corrupted/missing files.

It could very well be that the person who uploaded the torrent accidentally forgot to upload disc 2 with the torrent as well.

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No no don't worry ^_^

Press and hold Control on your keyboard, then press PrtSc/Printscreen. This will automatically copy your whole screen's contents.

Open Paint, and paste (control + v), save.

Next, upload it onto: www.imageshack.us and once it's uploaded, copy the direct image link, and paste it into your next reply.

Kind Regards

BitComet Team

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