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Good Citizen?


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I'm fairly new to BitComet (and torrents). I've been doing a lot of reading and have been successfully downloading torrents. I'm still reading and learning as I download. However, I'd like to ensure that I haven't missed some critical piece of "torrent etiquette".

Here is what I'm doing:

-set my maximum upload speed to 19kB/s (80% of my real max)

-maximum downloads set to 1

-no limit of max download speed

-look for torrents with "good health"

-leave completed download active until I have uploaded at least 150% of download

-if I attempt to download a torrent that is extremely slow, I abandon it

Is this enough or is there something else that I sound be doing to remain a "good torrent citizen"?

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This all looks good :)

One additional thing I do is use a bit of common sense when seeding.

If I have one torrent with ratio of 0.5, 50 seeds and 5 peers

and a second with ratio 1.5, 5 seeds and 50 peers

I will seed the second one, since it needs seeders more then the first. I will however keep the first one in my client and monitor it and seed when it needs seeding.


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Thank-you suspect,

Can I also confirm my understanding of "seeds"?

I believe that I would be a "seed" when I have 100% of the download and leave it open so that others can download from me.

I am certain that I would be a "peer" when I have a partial download and I am both uploading and downloading.


(I ask because I'm still a little unclear about building my own torrent. That's what I'm currently investigating.)

Thanks again,


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Yes, you are correct.

Here is a useful link you can look at...


Some of the terms however are not clearly defined. One of such is "leecher".

According to bit torrent protocall a leecher and a peer are the same thing, however "leecher" has become a term for users that stop their torrents before reaching a ratio of at least 1.0

To do this is basically steeling.

Although there is not cost in "money" to use bit torrent, but you are expected to pay by providing what you received, to the next group of downloaders.

No one likes a leech, because people like you and I need to make up for them cheating the system. This is why I like ot use sites like demoniod, and torrent matrix, they will ban users that are leeches.


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