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I suggest you use PeerGuardian

It uses very little memory, and you can update block lists automatically.


I was until I switched over to Vista RC2 a while back.

Also, PG is not without its share of issues -- the most annoying one is the seemingly random interference with some http traffic.

For now I'm back to Azureus with SafePeer fulltime. But with more and more trackers blacklisting bitcomet, I'm not sure how viable it's in the future even if everything works perfectly.

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actually bit comet being banned by private trackers is an issue that only effected two very old versions, and more and more trackers are realizing that bit comet is NOT a leech tool.

Regarding hiding bit comets identity from trackers, this WOULD make bit comet a leech tool, so this is NOT an option.

Regarding Azureus, I stopped using it some time ago, as it was using over 100megs of ram. This is three to four times what bit comet and peer guardian together use.

Regarding PeerGuardian blocking http, this is a simple on/off button, and I see no need to block http, so sugest you just turn that off.

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