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Sorry for my English..

And sorry if I wrote about something already discussed...

1. In the file list displayed in the lower side of the client some files are already brought (100%). If I change the priority of one of these files to Disabled and then again to Normal (or higher) then it's below 100%. I'm sure that the file is brought properly ("Manual Hash check" and external verifications say that).

2. I have an old computer (1GHz CPU and 224MB RAM). When I download large torrents (9GB for example) with dozens of files BitComet takes too much from memory, HDD access, CPU time ... (resources). I'm forced to bring the files in groups and to disable the ones already brought. This slows down the download (speed is decreasing and receives a lot of rubish data) and I can't really help others (uploading).

Is there a way to solve this (not by upgrading my computer cause I don't have money :) )?

3. Can you do a option to change the download speed at every torrent?

4. I've tried 0.74 but it doesn't work on private trackers. Can you fix that?

5. A question - "BitComet Acceleration Patch" really works? I haven't seen any improvment - in some cases the speed is decreasing (!).

6. Why BitComet opens Internet Explorer and not the default internet browser (Opera on my computer)? I'm a programmer (Delphi) and I know that you could change that very easily...

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1, do NOT disable files you are downloading in a torrent. This feature was not designed to do this. In fact, it isn't even an option in bit torrent protocall. It is an advanced feature that some clients offer, but if you disable partial files, you will lose them.

Also, if you enable another file in a torrent that is already running, some pieces of files that are finished will need to be redownloaded. Therefore a file showing complete will no longer be complete until that piece is again downloaded. The solution would be to move the completed file to another location, or just let it download back to being complete again.

Again, this is NOT a proplem with Bit Comet, it is a problem with the way it is being used.

2, Bit comet is a fully featured bit torrent client. It has alot of advaced features, and of course these features need resources to run.

If all you want to do is download torrents, and nothing else, then I suggest you try bit comet lite, or Utorrent. They are both very plain, and lack many features, but will use less memory and resources.

3, yes, you can set torrent specific settings, like max upload/download. this setting is on the second tab when starting the torrent.

4, Our latest STABLE version is .70. If you want to continue using the new client, then I suggest you try .76. Although it works flawlessly for many users, many still have problems, so be prepared for this.

As for private trackers, its upto the tracker to allow our client, not us.

There is still alot of bad information out there regarding bit comet and private trackers. This dates back many versions ago, and was quickly resolved.

5. Do NOT use these so called accellorators. At best they might be almost as good as using our settings guides, and at worst, you will be infected with spyware. I recommend you uninstall bit comet, and reinstall without this patch.

6. Internet Explorer is intigrated into Bit Comet. I too would like to see a different browser, but what you are stating is not correct. BC isn't simply opening your exsisting browser, it contains its own browser.

Feel free to not use the browser if you don't want to.


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Thank you.

1. I have disabled files a lot but I didn't lose them.

But I think that this section can be improved. This feature can be designed to do this Don't you think so?

3. But I want to set the "Maximun allowed download rate" on each torrent. When I enter in Properties I can't see it...

In other clients it is possible to do this..

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I'm sorry for not replying sooner to your post, it gets very busy here, and its easy to miss a question.

Regarding private trackers. It is the tracker that has to approve what clients can be used. Since some very old versions of bitcomet have an issue with allowing dht even if the torrent doesn't allow it, many tracker have restricted bit comet to only allow newer versions. It is possible that this tracker has only allowed certain specific versions.

You would have to contact them to resolve this.

Regarding rubbish data, this could be cause by connection errors. If a piece of data is changed in any way when downloaded, it will be hash checked, and discarded as rubbish if it fails.

This is normal.

If you have a large amount of rubbish data, then it could be your internet connection has a problem. If it happens only in small amounts, from time to time, then it is likely other peers problem, not yours.

Regarding disabling files. If you disable a file before it is finished, you are likely to lose all current progress.

As for the status changing to not complete, even though the file is all there, this is because some of the torrent pieces are spanning more then one file, so when you enable downloading of an additional file, all pieces that file needs are scanned for level of completion, Because only part of some of the pieces are present, the status of these files changes.

I don't know how to make this clearer.

I will attempt to simplify it...

Imagine a torrent with two files, This torrent is distributed in three pieces.

file one, file two

piece one, piece two, piece three

If you select only "file one", then the client will download piece one, and piece two, then discard half of piece two.

You then select file two, but since you already discarded half of piece two, your client has to mark it as NOT downloaded, and then download piece two, and piece three.

This will result in file one reading about 66% complete, eventhough it is all there.

Basically, you are altering or "cheating" on the rules that bit torrent uses, which is far less efficient and wastes resources.

The only way to avoid this would be to design the torrent to be used that way,which would involve an EXTREMELY complex torrent creating program.

I do have one suggestion, if you want to divide a torrent into two halves, then you could download half, fully seed that half, then remove the torrent from your client, move the completed files to a different location, then restart the torrent, and download the other half.

This would still be inefficient, and require longer download time then doing it all at once, but would avoid completed files from being overwritten with incomplete data.

It is still the best option to download a torrent the way it is designed.


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OK, thank you...

I understand what you said about rubish data and I know about that...

What I didn't understand is why rubish data is larger than downloaded data. That's why I asked if this is a bug.

Normally rubish data is included in downloaded data. Or is it a different counter?

Another problem - it's old but I forgot about it until now. In many cases BtComet doesn't download well when the torrent is made by Azureus.

Why i remember it now? Because I have a torrent with 4KB/s average download rate. There are 2 seeders - one with Azureus. I can't connect to this one.

You can say it's a different reason in this case (because it's a bad torrent, firewall ...). Maybe, but - like I said - it's happenning in many DIFFERENT cases ONLY with Azureus torrents...

I've changed 3 ISP's and many XP's until now but it's the same problem.

I've tried this: a friend of mine made a torrent with Azureus and then one with BitComet. I couldn't connect at the one made with Azureus.

PS: Now there are 2 seeders with Azureus and a few leechers with different other clients. My client is downloading only from leechers!

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