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Bitcomet has slowed down suddenly

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A week ago I was using Bitcomet very happily and d/l at an average speed of 60kB/s. All of a sudden my speeds have just died. For the past 3hrs it has not got past the 1.2kB/s mark. I downloaded the new Bittorrent and tried again and now it won't get past the 15kB/s mark.

I have changed my ports and forwarded them etc and thats all great....i've not had a problem before. As you can see with the screenshots below I am connecting to peers and the trackers are working.

I tried other torrents and they're all the same. They take ages to connect then only d/l about 3k/Bs.

Anyone got any ideas?

Many thanks!!



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:( I'm having the same problem! I've installed the Bitcomet 0.76 and my D/l rates went from 125 kb/s to 14 kbs. I dont understand. My Download rate is set at no limit, and my upload is set at 15. I've had these settings forever and now downloads take days instead of hours. :unsure:

Any ideas????

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I recommend you fully go through our settings guides.

Also, if you want to test your settings, try one of these torrents...


If you continue to have problems, then I suggest you download our latest stable version, which at this time is .70


ps. regarding other two wishes, I don't think I should say here in public... :P

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I am having the same problem here...

and that link that u sent got slow download speed too...

think it could be some kind of virus or spyware?

ive scaned my pc with kaspersky and spytbotsd and nothing was find...

even using hijack i couldnt detect anything differente from usual...

Thank you.


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I can only guess about your cause, since you posted very little info, but it sounds like your ISP is throttling BT traffic.

In any case, I suggest you go through our settings guide, which will cover protocall encryption, and router issues.

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Thanks for the help!!! Instead of worrying about all the settings, making sure my firewalls were on or off, I went ahead and reinstalled Bitcomet .70 and my download speeds are back up again!! Its always better to go back and stay safe then change things and be sorry. Now I definately owe you 2 wishes! :D

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I am a novice and I would like to add my 2 cents worth.

I have DL this particular torrent 3 times, each time it stops before getting done.

What I am finding is that people who are DL will log out when their DL is complete.

I was getting 320K and 285K was coming from two people.

When they logged off, my DL went down to 55K and stayed there.

It seems that users who have a high upload rate will give us all high DL rates.

I have also decided to leave bit torrent up and running so that others can benefit.

I didn't know that this was necessary before and I apologize to those users who I was seeding.

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