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Please somebody out there help me?


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hello everyone i'm new here at BitComet! This may sound pretty dumb to you all but I don't have a clue of how to get the files I supposedly downloaded from the the torrent sites to play how do I get them to work! I am new u all so take it easy on me. I'm itching to know how to get it to work! Give me details and explain it step by step. Please!!!!!!!!!!

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Being new, I'd suggest that you go here:


Read carefully through the 'pinned' topics (they're there to help you and are very explicit) - they're at the top of the page.

Remember read, then learn.

If you still have doubts with regards to a specific issue, then make a new thread in the appropiate forum.

cassie :)

PS - I'm leaving this post here, only so that you can find it on your next visit.

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