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what does the blue arrow mean

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normaly when i load a file then i get acces and i get a green arrow pointed down , but many times when i try to download a file , i get a blue arrow on the transfer list pointed to te right --> and then nothing happens . it's very irritating . can anyone tell me what this means and how i can get it fixed.

thnxs silver :blink:

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Hi Silver,

Um, are you referring to this status Icon? Connecting.gif or Connecting_peers.gif but I would think from your description, it's the first image.

There isn't any bug in our clients that I'm aware of so far, the basic reason as to why you're only seeing this icon, is because there aren't any peers for your torrent download. Try enabling DHT-network, or find another similiar torrent, or if possible, add more trackers into your torrent.

So...in other words, you'll have to wait for peers/seeders to come back on. Further info located here: http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showt...1319entry1319

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