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OpenOffice Torrent Question

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Just wanted to know about the 'test' download http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/index.html which has been posted a few times to see if you get max download speed.

Why can you get max speed from that torrent yet dont get anyware near on other torrents i max out on that torrent at 250KB/s but most other torrents rarely get above 50KB/s.

Also if you can max out for that torrent does it mean you dont have to alter any of the settings and they are set correctly?

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The main reason you are seeing slow speeds on torrents, is that many downloaders run multiple torrents, without enough upload bandwidth to support them.

Unless you have an exceptional upload rate, you are only causing the system to bog down by loading multiple torrents to run together.

Open office has high speed servers, which gives you a good idea of what your client is capable of. This makes it a good "test" torrent (although I don't think they would be too happy about us using it as such).

Here is a quick "commercial" for open office project.

This distribution of a completely free product to compete with the giants such as microsoft office, which expects us to pay hundreds of dollars just for the right to use it, then expects us to buy it again after a couple years.

Here is a way to fight back without breaking the law, so the choice is yours, buy their slow crappy products, pirate them, or get this free product, and show these giants that we don't need them anymore.

I could also say the same thing for the many Linux distributions, they are much faster, and more relyable then Windows.

Linux can also share the same hard drive with windows, so you can boot either. Of course your windows software won't run on linux, but all software written for linux is free!!!


ps. before I get a bunch of replys and PMs from "noobs", installing linux and running it is not designed for people that cannot seek, read, and solve their own problems. But for the "1337" crowd, it's the "bee's knees" lol

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Actually, I'm alway "fiddle" with my settings.

So far I have my highest peek download speed of over 865kB/s

This was on the new linux Ubuntu distribution.

I got over 700kB/s with Open office

your speed of 250kB/s will be the max possible speed for an adverage 2mb/s broadband connection


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When i download the openoffice torrent it goes right up to 250KB/s (my max speed).

However i have a torrent downloading now at only 50KB/s but when i look at the speed my peers are downloading at some are well over 200KB/s some at 150KB/s and some even on 400KB/s.

Now i know that they could have a faster connection then me but surely if there downloading the same torrent as me at that speed then shouldnt i be getting a lot higher then 50KB/s i have no other torrents on the go either?

Whats puzzling me is that openoffice is downloading at my max rate so i know BitComet must be setup ok but my peers are downloading the same torrent at a faster rate then me when i know i can get a lot faster. :(

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