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My thoughts about v0.76


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So I finally got around to testing out v0.76, overall I like it. Great job so far RnySmile. :)

there are a few things that I dont like about it, hopefully they will be looked into:

  1. Big Things
  2. Biggest problem is no upload slot control. I wouldnt mind this but Bitcomet automatically opens too many upload slots. With my 24 KB/s cap it was trying to upload to 18 peers at once which is way too much. This means Im losing too much upload bandwidth to overhead. So either include a working upload slot limiter or lower the amount of slots it automatically opens. For a 24KB/s cap Bitcomet should only be opening at most 6 upload slots and I would prefer only uploading to 3 at once.
  3. Still no way to control how many tasks are seeding at once. If I set a bunch of torrents to run overnight, eventually my upload bandwidth will be saturated by too many tasks trying to upload at once.
  4. Doesnt respect my settings for Max Half-open connections. It shows in statistics that the MAX is 10 which is what windows is set at, but in the options I set it to 8. I saw it trying to open 10. Either respect my limit or remove that option completely and just try to connect to 2 fewer than the windows limit. I actually dont think that the option to change windows tcpip.sys file should be included (people could just use the Lvllord patch if they want or just stick with 10 which works good enough). I realize that it will help higher speed networks (10 Mb/s +) but what if windows releases an update for tcpip.sys that doesnt work with the patch or if someone is using something like Xp MCE.

  1. Minor Things
  2. The U/D ratio column should show to the hundreth (ex. 1.25), so if I set it to stop at 125% it will show the .05
  3. In the main window in the KB/s Dn column it shows Kb/s; just to be consistent it should show KB/s
  4. In the Summary pane; Download Rate: xxKB/s From xx Peers, the number of Peers increases even after the download has finished, it continues to climb throughout the download. I think the number of Peers should only show how many is currently transfering to you. It was showing that I was downloading at 0KB/s From 237 Peers. Something is wrong, it isnt decreasing right.
  5. In the statistics pane; Connection Limits: you might as well get rid of the dash since there is no minimum connections anymore. Im glad that the minimum connections per task was removed.
  6. When only seeding, in the Statistics pane it shows that there are 0 upload slots when in reality there was some.
  7. In the Peers pane; it doesnt show the Status Flags anymore.
  8. Please please include the option to sort the columns in the Peers tab.
  9. In the torrent task properties; there is no need to include the box to Select All/Unselect All. This option is already available with a right click. Also maybe its just me but the text doesnt fit, all I see is "Select All/Unse"
  10. Could you please add the ability to remove trackers from the Tracker pane. Like if I right click on a tracker it gives me the option to remove it, instead of having to go into the torrents properties.
  11. I dont like how it shows xxx B/s now, I thought it was fine just showing 0 KB/s
  12. In the Summary pane for torrents, I dont think the Average Download Rate is calculated properly. I downloaded a torrent which showed that my average was 273 KB/s, but my ISP only gives me about 165 KB/s. Does it keep track of the average across sessions?
  13. When seeding only, Bitcomet continues to try to connect to other seeds. Also in the Seed/Peer column it doesnt show how many seeds there are once you start seeding.

Anyone care to comment on these issues or add some of their own.

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<I dont like how it shows xxx B/s now, I thought it was fine just showing 0 KB/s>

Not agreeing with this.

Instead of showing 0 KB/s which is not very presentable I think, I suggest that it show:

For ex: 124 B/s ---> 0.2 KB/s.

Edit: Sorry, not 0.2 kB/s but 0.1 kB/s :P

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