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Unexplainable Download speed pt.2!?!?!?!?!


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Setting your max upload speed is one of the most important settings to get right.

One very good method for determining this is to obeserve your client running a very active torrent, perferrably one with lots of peer, so your upload is maxed out. First set your upload to unlimited, then let it run, as soon as you reach your max, your isp will start restricting it, so observe where it levels off at, and this is your max upload.

Do NOT test this with the open office torrent, as it is so well seeded, that you will not get much requests for data.

Once you know what your max upload is, then set you upload limit to about 80% of that max. For example, if it levelso off at 50kB/s, then set to 40kB/s, if it levels off at 100kB/s, then set to 80kB/s.

This is only a starting point, and you might want to adjust up and down, but allow about 20mins between changes, or the result will be meaningless.

The idea is to have your upload as high as possible, but not so high that you have no bandwidth left to respond quickly to requests for data. If your going to be doing alot of surfing, you will have to set it slightly lower, but your download speed will also be lower.

Once you have made these adjustments, then download one of these torrents...


By the way, this is a free alternative to products like Microsoft office. I highly recommend it, but there is no need to complete download if your just using it to test.

One other question, I assume you are not using a router? if so, there there is more that needs to be done.

I would expect with your broadband connection, you would prob get speed of about 400kB/s with that torrent. However, most torrents will not run this fast.


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