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Bitcomet memory space?


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I just checked in my "add and remove programs, and it seems it reports the size of bit comet, and any files you have inside its folder, including the download folder.

If you removed all the files from the download folder, then it should read about 6mb, NOT nearly 6gigs as you report.

Please double check these things, and if your certain the download folder is empty, and about the size, then reboot your windows, and recheck the size.

Also, you can right click on bit comets folder, and select properties, and see how big windows reports the folder is.


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This is a problem with "add and remove programs", not bit comet.

I checked mine and it reported the full size of bit comet, and the download folder.

After I emptied the download folder, and rebooted, it still reported the size of bit comet and all my downloads since it was installed. However, bit Comet wasn't using this much space.

I also doubt microsoft will bother to fix such a problem. A simple way to resolve this is to use a different save location from your "program files" directory structure.


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