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Seed/Peer [All] Column - does "ANYONE" understand?


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It is so confusing. It should just be Seeds/Peers and that's it. But instead they have two - and if I am seeding a Torrent and have 100% of it . . . . it usually lists "Seeds" as "0". It should say "1" at least.

Here is another confusing example. My torrents right now - in that column, say:




What in the world? Why do they not match at all? I mean, the second one says 0/6 which means 0 seeds (even though I am seeding it) and 6 peers. But then right after that it says [0/28] which means there is 28 peers ! ! ! What is going on here ?? Anyone know?

P.S. I did search all forums here and typing in Seed Peer gave me 0 results. With the thousans of posts on bit torrents, there HAS TO BE at least one post that contains the two words . . . "Seed" and "Peer". So that is another question - is the Search tool broken?

TIA - :)

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The numbers to the left are your actual connected numbers. In your last example you have one seed and 8 leeches connected. The numbers in brackets are all available peers. So again, in your last example you had one seed and 8 leeches out of a possible one seed and 11 leeches. That's what it all means.

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I will add that you are not included in these stats, as it lists only peers that you are able to connect to.


ps. I will add that it is not likely the first two torrents you listed will ever finish, unless seeders return.

One thing you should check though, is that some new torrents use something called "superseeding", where the seeder will appear to be a peer, but will show 100%. This can be confusing, but is a good way to begin torrents if there is only one person uploading.

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