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Upload speed Breaks speed Limit caps


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yeh basically, im currently using bitcomet 0.7, ive had the same problem with a previous 0.6x version cant remember what.

basically my problem is, when i dl, sometimes the upload speed just skyrockets and uses it to full capacity. my isp limits my upl to 32kB/s and its usually around that mark.

now my router, speed etc settings are all good. ive used bittorent for years now and so i now how to configure eveyrthing. its just recently this wierd thing has happened. ive looked at other forum posts of ppl saying their internet explorer doesnt work, well i think they have the same problem as me, except when i had their problem i looked at my bittorent and noticed that my upload speed was capped

meaning u pretty much cant surf the net.

now im not that incompetent, so ill list some of my observations that i think may or may not contribute to this problem

firstly, i dont think any other programs are causing this cause i usualli run bitcomet with nothing else running

secondly, i usualli have alot of finished downloaded tasks running with the orange upload arrow on. for personal reasons i just leave them so i noe which files ive dled but havent looked at yet.

however, ive done this always, and the problem happens randomly so theres no evidence to suggest that this is the cause.

thirdly, my upload cap is 3 kbs and whenever the upl goes out of control, i have to keep opening preferences, and setting the settings to 1kb (even though i noe it doesnt "save" the settings at 1kbs), i do this repeatedly 3 times and itll slow down. but sometimes (VERY VERY rarely, but often enough) it remains out of control. this actualli happened to me today, and ive had enough.

the "last resort" method is always to either pause/stop everything or restart bittorent and this is a real pain in the a** to have to do.

i think its also important to note that, whenever the speed skyrockets, i check the settings and they havent changed. like the 3kbs cap is still there, its just not oberying.

i think the problem may lie within the individual settings. like where it goes:


max upl per task: 3kbs

min upl per task: 1kbs

min upl per seeding task: 3kbs

ive always thought that this was the problem, because ive wondered, if the min upl per task is 1kbs, doesnt that mean itll try to upl at 1kbs for everything? and maybe this overrides the globals some how, or alternatively the max upl per task is 3kbs and every task is uploading at 3kbs and 3kbs isnt higher than the global setting, however it doesnt realise that global settings means IN TOTAL cause i dunno machines are stupid

and secondly, if i changed the min upl per task to "no limit" does that mean it wont try to force it to be 1kbs? and maybe obey the globals, or does that mean it can have no limit to its upl and skyrocket if it wants to?

just some thoughts ive had

i have my download speed set to no limit and upload set to 3kbs

i cannot see any pattern that causes this problem, i just know that it happens at least 3 days a week and i use bittorent everyday.

maybe this is a bug i dont know, but can anyone help me?

thanks in advance, all help is much appreciated

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Hi, do you know by setting your max upload to only 3kB/s, not only are you not going to be receiving much download, but you are also providing very little upload ot any peers.

You should have your max upload set at about 26-27kB/s

Also, if your isp only provides 32kB/s, you really should not run more then one torrent at a time. Mine provides almost three times that, and I only run one torrent at a time.

This is just being polite to other peers.


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yeh i know all this, but downloads are proportional to uploads. If u tell me to set my upload at 27kbs, even if im using one torrent, i cant dl past 20kbs because 27kbs upl is reaching my upload cap and i wont be able to download. but thats not the issue im having here. I know all about speeds and stuff

im just wondering why it doesnt obey the global cap settings and maxes my upl by itself

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