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When I try to download anything from torrent site www.bitsoup.org, I always receive error message:

Error: Tracker Response Error: Your torrent client is not allowed, please use an allowed client

Now what means that and how do I get solved this problem.

Which clients are allowed and how do you know that and how do you chance clients

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the reason some trackers do not allow bit comet is because of a problem with a very old version of bit comet.

Version .59 and .60 could be forced to enable dht even when dht wasn't allowed by the torrent. When dht was first developed, Bit Comet was among the first to emplement it, and since it wasn't part of bit torrent protocall, there were no rules to vilolate, however, when it was discovered how bit comet could be used, the problem was quickly fixed.

There is currently no valid reason to restrict any current version of bit comet.


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