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Download speed decreasing progressively


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I’m from Brazil... So, sorry my poor English.

When I install BitComet um my computer, the download speed was around 25Kb/s.

Now, after 2 month, the speed be around 5 to 15 Kb/s.

What is happening? Is my upload limit too low? Is the D/U ratio prejudicing me?

My system:

Windows XP Pro - SP2

ADSL 300/128kbps


Patrick Coelho - www.patrickcoelho.com

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With your connection, your never going to see much better then 30-35kB/s

You should set your global max upload speed to 12-13kB/s, which will leave just enough reserve bandwidth to handle the "overhead", or "comunication".

Bit torrent protocall gives the most download to those who upload the most, so unless you can get a faster service, your not going to always get more then your upload limit, but on very well seeded torrents, you may see speeds approaching 30s.

try one of these torrents...


That will give you an idea of what your client can do with your connection.

I would also recommend you disable "dht".

NOTE: everything I mentioned here is in our settings guides.


ps. If you need this translated into spanish, then ask "Cassie" our spanish moderator, and give her a day or two.

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