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Using an EV-DO aircard


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Dear BitComet users.

I've been using bitcomet for years and have never encountered any major problems, until now.

I'm currently staying in Thailand and the only internet connection I have access to is a CDMA EV-DOx1 line. It's working just great but when I'm using it with bitcomet I can't get my download speed up.

Well, actually I can if I limit my download speed to 1kbps. This is obviously not something I want to do, since the whole point of using torrents is gone, if I can't share!

Is there someone else who is using bitComet with an Aircard?(Mine is a Sierra Wireless 580)

Occasionally I get a decent download speed of 50-100kbps but this only happens if I find files that have almost NO leachers. Generally my down speed is between 5-15kbps.

I am aware that a static IP is impossible using an aircard, but why can't I upload?!

Please, if someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it!

I've been searching every available forum out there!



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There's nothing particular about setting that card up. But as with all wireless connections, you are at the mercy of whoever is providing the connection, which is almost always through a router, and almost always with a firewall that is blocking your listen port. If you can persuade whoever to unblock it for you (set you up with a static IP and all to do that), you'll be back to normal. If you can't, and you probably can't, then I'm afraid there's nothing more you can do as long as you're using that connection.

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