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I've been waiting for a good quality Saw 3 to come out.I see Hockney as converted one which usually means good quality.This is a conversion of a PUKKA torrent, I'd like to know if when converting, will Hockney increase the quality of the original torrent or is it just now it's a different format.

In the comments someone says Hockney as made it a bit lighter(original was dark), could this be the case.

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Hockney quite often improves the source files he uses. This is a Telesnyc source (cam video with digital audio track added).

This means that you won't hear people caughing, munching popcorn and such.

Also, We will never use a poor quality source, so you can be assured this is not one of many crappy cams that litter many torrent sites.

As for making it lighter, darkness is the biggest problem with cams, so this is most likely correct. Besides making it lighter, the KVCD version is usually about 1/2 to 1/3 the size of the source video. If your going to play it on a DVD player, then get the KVCD.

VCD quality gives this VERY good rating rating

VCDQ: 8.5/8.0/9.0


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