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I downloaded adobe photoshop CS2 9.0 and everything installed propally except the crack kept giving me wrong codes and when adobe said it was registering it over the internet it never worked can someone help me or give me a link to a adobe photoshop that they know will work


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when adobe said it was registering it over the internet it never worked c

The problem is what you were trying to do.

NEVER try to use a keygen to activate a product while connecting to them on the internet... :oops:

BIG mistake

I know of one person who went as far as to send adobe an email asking why it didn't work, their reply was "the copy of our software you installed as been confirmed to be pirated. Please buy a retail version, Regards, Adobe product support"

Now, I would completely uninstall the product, then do it correctly. Power off your modem (or unplug your network cable). Install the software. When it says it failed to connect to internet, select the activate by phone option. Then you will need to enter a serial number from your keygen, then when it askes, enter the product code, then the activation code.

This information is usually included in a file.nfo with the torrent.


PS. I would also block this product from internet access in your firewall.

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