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.00 / .001 etc split files


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Since this post will come up when members search the topic, I will add this...

file.001, file.002 and so on, are either a compressed archive (open with Winrar), or a split archive (join with hjSplit, a free program).

Eventhough Winrar doesn't recognise this file type as an archive, it will still open them. DO NOT join with hjSplit unless you are sure they are not compressed.


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Yeah I was lucky, after researching the file type i downloaded hjsplit, luckily for me it didn't recognise the first .001 file and after doing a bit more searching i found that i had to use winrar, well i was lucky do as suspect says run winrar on the .001 file first to save yourself from destroying the download altogether, if that fails you likely have a split file so then run hjsplit.

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