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really slow downloads

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I'm fairly new to BitTorrent and its clients, so I dunno what an actually good speed is. Quite often, I download at what seems to me to be extremely slow. From websites, I'll download at 300-350 KB/s most often. On LimeWire, 150 seems to be the cap. On BitComet? So far, my cap is about 50 KB/s.

For example, right now, I'm downloading something at about 25 KB/s from 25 peers. I'm also connected to 10 seeds. Uploading, however, tends to be much speedier. Currently, it's a bit higher than usual, but only by about 5 KB/s. 42 KB/s to 17 peers is the current upload rate.

When I downloaded things from LimeWire, 50 KB/s was actually low. If I was downloading from just 6-8 people, I could reach my top record of about 150 KB/s. Is it just that torrents or slow, or is there a problem with my settings?

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I have also noticed that uploads go a lot faster than downloads. Because of that, I usually limit the upload speed to like 10 KB/S. That should not be the problem though. BitTorrents can sometimes be a lot slower than website downloads depending on where you get the torrent, how many trackers it has, and how goo those trackers are. BitTorrent downloading can sometimes be as simple as picking the wrong torrent from a list. One thing you can do to get better downloads is on the website you get the torrent off of, make sure it has a green health bar or over 200% health. If you can't find the health then make sure the torrent has at least 10 seeds, the more seeds the better. That's just about as help as I can offer right now

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A general rule is to limit your Global Upload settings to 80%

So, if your maximum Upload is 50 kb/s, limit it to 40 kb/s. As for speeds, this is really hard to say, especially if the torrent you're currently downloading is off a public site, so yes it could be that the peers in your swarm aren't uploading as much as they should.

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I get nothing but torrents with green health bars. Usually, I get them from torrentspy.com, I think it is. My current incredibly slow download has over 3600% health.

Also, as suggested Soraiya, I've now got my uploads limited to 80% max. Although it could just be temporary, the download rate is at about 10 KB/s higher than my current average for the file now. Wooo.

EDIT: Just limiting uploads seems to have helped some. My average seems to be about 45-50 KB/s. A good improvement, but still nothing to brag about.

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Hm..a health of 3600% isn't too bad :P. How many peers are you seeing within the torrent download?

Because, if most of the peers are seeders, it may not be helpful, as the torrent network focuses more upon leechers sharing their data, rather than relying upon seeders. Also, since this is a public torrent as you suggested mike, seeders will not be as useful as they are in private torrents unfortunately.

Hm...the only other thing that you can do, is change the listening port to something like 60006 i.e. somewhere around the 50000 < x < 60000 port range (where x is the port you want to use).

btw ;) Thanks for reminding me...I'll be creating a nice speed guide on BitComet client users soon, which hopefully will be completed around next week.

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i probably should post this as a new topic but i was experiencing the same thing as mike. (i.e. much faster downloads with lime wire.) currently, i'm actually downloading a 4 gig fie which is taking forever as in this is going on the fifth continuous day. ?.. however that leads to my next question.. How do i know how much is left to be downloaded because everything seems to constantly change. for example, two days ago, in the summary it said 2.84 gigs downloaded, 3.78 gigs uploaded.

Now it's saying 2.34 downlaoded and 3.79 uploaded.

I thought i had it figured out when i checked the statistics because the numbers seemed more realistic as in it said 3.80 gigs downloaded but then last night the power went out for a couple minutes and now when i resume the download its only sayin 600 MB dowloaded. long and short of this is.. How do i know how much progress is being made with my download? i used torrent spy to locate the file...it's still downloading... and it seems to be going nowhere...

any help is appreciated

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my download stops, almost at the end. it is still uploading but doesn't download.

my health=0% :blink:

it just disappeared, not the 1st time it happened.


if you have a solution please send me a mail bjorn.carion@gmail.com...

or give me a good torrent for "THE OMEN 666"

THX ... B)

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