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downloaded movies have static


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I have downloaded 3 movies successfully. However when I try and play them on my DVD player there is always some static that I hear in the background. It is not there through the entire movie but in parts.

Any help you can provide for this problem would be appreciated.


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You posted this in the wrong section. Bit comet has done its job downloading the files.

This is not related to bit comet in any way.

However, if you care to post all the info you have on these files, we might be able to help. As your question is posted, no one can help you.


*topic moved*

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we work hard to provide free support for our free product, but we expect members to make an effort, and use a bit of common sense.

We have no idea what kind of files you downloaded, so for starters, tell us everything you know about them.

What player/s did you test the files with?

what program did you use to burn them, and to what kind of disc?

did you convert the files?

What kind of dvd player do you have? and have you updated the firmware?

Can you now see how much more information you have, as compared to our staff and members only knowing you have downloaded three "movies" that could be any of hundreds of video types


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There isnt much that you can do without getting really complicated

A simple thing that you can do is to lower the treble on your TV or whatever audio system your dvd player is hooked up to.

Other then that your only option would be re-converting the files with a different avi to dvd converter

that is only if this static was created by the conversion process

if the static was present in the original AVI files then these would need to be re-encoded with something like virtualdub where you can use an audio filter to filter out the static

both of these re-encoding options could get really complex and isnt really something we can help you with here

if you do want to go through the trouble of re-encoding then you can find better help here:


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