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Copying DVDs by Heretic

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Copying DVD's Using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink

Guide by HERETiC

DvD Decrypter is a program designed to copy the files of copy right protected DvD's to your HDD. Once there the files are around 8GB, in order to be burnt to a standard blank DvD, these files need to be shrunken down to the correct size. This is where DvD Shrink comes in, but DvD Shrink has many more features, such as removing unwanted audio tracks and subtitles and remove un-needed parts of the DvD (like previews and advertisements).

Step 1

Insert the movie you wish to copy and then run DvD Decrypter.

Wait for the movie to load, you will have a screen that looks like this:


Take note as of where you are saving the files (like c:\DvD\Video_TS)

Now press the button that shows a picture of a CD with an arrow pointing to a HDD


Wait a bit for the files to copy.

Step 2

Run DvD Shrink.

You'll see what looks like this at the top:


Select "Open Files" - browse the for the folder Video_TS or whatever you named it.

After opening DvD Shrink will do a quick anaylasis of the files.

Now you should be faced with a screen like this:


Notice the compression is set to Automatic and the files are shrunk down to about 4GB. Leave it at this unless you want the files smaller (if so select Custom Shrink, the more you shrink, the lesser the quality).

Here you can also choose to remove certain audio tracks and subpicture (making compression less tight improving the quality).

Once you're ready, click the button "Backup!" at the top of the screen.


This box will pop up:


Here you can go to the "Region" tab, and choose to make the DvD region free (this will allow the DvD to be played in any Region DvD Player). You may also want to go to the "Burn Settings" tab - here I usually set the burn speed to 4x for an error free burn.

Once you're ready hit "OK!" to begin copying. Be sure to have a blank DvD in your burner.

You can get DVD Shrink Here -it's a free program.

You can get DVD Decrypter At any major torrent site -it use to be free lol.

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