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Upload speed is "FASTER" then Download speed


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I have followed bitdave setting on this page bitdave's SETTING

My Setting

i have set my Event ID for WinXP to limit: 100

Global Max Download Rate: 400kB/s

Global Max Upload Rate: 25kB/s

Max Simultaneous Download Tasks: 4

Listen Port:26918

Max Connections per task: 100

Connections to keep per task: Auto

Global Max upload slots: 7

Global Min upload slots: Auto

Max half-open TCP connections: 8

I'm using Router and i have done my portforwarding. I get 'Local' and 'Remote' on my initiations there's more 'Remote' then 'Local'

i'm downloading 5 torrents.

My download speed is slower then the upload speed. Pls assist me.

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By running five torrents, you are providing very little upload to any of them.

The main reason torrents run slow is when people run multiple torrents, without enough upload bandwidth to support them.

Also, finding the best settings for your client while running one torrent is hard enough, and when you add more torrents, it becomes infinately more complicated.

One torrent at a time, while proplerly configured, will be a much better way to go, and you will be helping the swarm, rather then harming it.

regarding your settings, I assume your connection is limited to 30kB/s, and you set max to 25kB/s?

If you can upload faster then 30kB/s, then you will need to increase your max setting, if you cannot upload at 30, then you need to lower.

A good way to test your max upload is to run one torrent that is very active, and lots of peers. Set max upload to unlimited, and see how high it goes, then set limit to 80%

When you confirm setting are correct, download one of these open office torrents, and see what speeds you are able to get.



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